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Conscious Sedation

Now, there’s no need to allow anxiety to be a barrier to good dental care. Our practice has dentists professionally trained in the use of Nitrous-Oxide, and both Oral and IV Sedation.

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How does Conscious Sedation work

Your dentist may advise which technique, Nitrous-Oxide, Oral or IV Sedation, is the preferred choice for you. No special preparation is required for either procedure. For Oral Sedation, you will need to arrive at your appointment an hour early and arrange to have a ride home. Shortly after the sedation is administered, you will become sleepy, although still conscious. You will drift slowly to sleep while resting in the dentist’s chair. After the dentist is finished with the procedure, you will awaken, comfortable and ready to walk away with your dental work completed. IV Sedation is similar, although, since it is administered through a vein, it goes to work more quickly and can be adjusted continually during the procedure.

This technique is covered by most dental benefit plans and is available to all our patients. Call or email us; one of our Patient Care Coordinators will be able to confirm if your plan includes whole or partial coverage for the various  sedation options.

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