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With dentures, fit and appearance are the critical features that matter most to patients. At Santé/Highbury Dental, our on-site Certified Denturist, John Davakos is well known throughout the London area for his skills in the creating pleasing, functional dentures that look and fit their absolute best.

John guides his patients through each step of the process. He ensures your understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the best possible results.

Our patients can be assured that we have complete confidence in John’s expertise we know you will be completely satisfied with the results.

Bridges & Partials

A fixed bridge can often be an ideal solution to restoring one or more missing teeth. The replacement tooth is anchored to crowns placed on both sides of the missing teeth to restore a proper bite, function and beauty to your smile.

Should the support teeth surrounding the missing tooth be inadequate, a partial denture may be an appropriate choice. The removable metal frame holds one or more porcelain replacement teeth in place to restore function and protect remaining teeth.


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