First Smiles Program

At Santé & Highbury Dental, we love taking care of kids and so, we make sure your child’s visit to the dentist becomes an adventure! It’s a fun, engaging program designed to help children build positive attitudes towards good oral health habits, understand the elements of healthy food choices and develop a confident patient experience. Parent* and child, together with our treatment coordinator and a member of our hygiene team, go on a discovery tour that includes delightful characters, a dental chair joyride, our water and air super-shooter, a fun guessing game and more. When it’s all over, there are rewards to go all ‘around.

For your child, there’s the pride of accomplishment, the joy of a memorable shared experience and a precious “loot bag” reward with prizes and happy reminders of the “First Smiles” adventure. Your child can feel comfortable about attending future dental appointments with confidence. As a parent, you’ll be seen as a valuable partner, establishing a positive foundation for a lifetime of good oral health habits, wiser food choices and successful dental care.

For more details, or to reserve your child’s “First Smiles” appointment call 519-455-5620 or email

*Note… parent(s) are welcome, but not required to be a patient of Santé/Highbury Dental for their child to participate in our “First Smiles” program.

Tips for Developing Good Oral Health Habits in Children

As soon as the first teeth erupt, parents should begin regular brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush after every meal and at bedtime.

To prevent and diagnose concerns early, it is strongly advised to introduce your child to regular dental checkups and cleanings. Young teeth are especially vulnerable to the “sugar bugs”.

Use a brush that is appropriately sized for the child’s mouth and update regularly, typically 3-4 times annually.

Use a rice-grained nurdle of toothpaste at first. At two years of age, change to a pea-sized dab of CDA approved toothpaste.

Parents should check and inspect their child’s emerging teeth often, minimally every two weeks, for signs of decay.

Use tooth-brushing time as teaching time for proper technique. Brushing communally with siblings or yourself can make the time more interesting and fun.

When appropriate, add flossing to the routine. Santé/Highbury Dental professionals will advise on the right time.

Contact us should you notice any signs of discolouration or visible lines on your child’s teeth.

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