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The improper alignment of teeth can be more than just a visual distraction to a beautiful healthy smile. It can also interfere with proper chewing and the enjoyment of food. Breathing, and dental care may also be more difficult with misaligned teeth. The net result is a condition that negatively impacts both diet and overall health.

Today there is more than one treatment option available for orthodontics. Our practice offers both traditional band and bracket treatment and also an alternative system using smooth plastic, barely-visible aligners.

Introducing Invisalign®

Invisalign® uses a series of clear smooth plastic alignment trays custom prepared for you. Based on a plan developed for you by Dr. Emons, you wear these aligners over your teeth to gradually and gently shift them into place. You simply change to new alignment trays every two weeks during the course of the treatment until the desired results are achieved. The best part is that Invisalign® aligners are barely detectable and will have very little interference with daily life. Since there is no need for obstructive metal wires and braces, most people will be unaware that you are straightening your teeth. And finally, Invisalign costs compare very favourably with the more traditional methods of teeth straightening. Ask us for an examination appointment with Dr. Emons to see if Invisalign® is an ideal option for you or a member of your family.